Saturday, August 29, 2009

FourTuned™ and Loving It!

"As our voices outside connect with you,
you will fine tune your voice within

Those who have been FourTuned say:

"Thank you ladies for a remarkable evening. While you perhaps may be primarily interested in the clinical applications of the FourTuned™ phenomenon, which I think are significant, there is something even more here.

I think of it as a kind of hypnotic theater. The four of you moved around the darkened room in what was really a form of dance, speaking your individual pieces. First one voice moved closer and became most audible, and then it moved away to be replaced by another and another. Entrancing and fascinating.

This experience is indeed unique, and some in the audience might benefit from a pre-talk, letting them know what to expect and not to consciously try to understand all four voices at once.

Did I say thank you? Thank you! ~Robert~

"I am so glad that I attended last Friday's 2 hour FourTuned™ workshop. It was easy to see each person is committed to finding new ways to helping clients and providers alike. The presentation was well done. When the four voices were walking around the room, I found it not only relaxing but quite entrancing. It ended much too soon." ~William~

“I found this experience of the four hypnotists at once very magical, in a way. It was a counterpoint through juxtaposed thoughts and ideas.....wanted to do it again.” ~Mel~

“As I listened to the multiple voices, I see your point of appealing to a preferred learning style. I think I am more visual. I felt that initially there were reoccurring words that so appealed to me such as “See, look and visualize but then I drifted off into such a relaxed state that I finally stopped thinking, for once. This was a major achievement for such an analytical person. Do it again soon or better yet, capture this on a CD for us”. ~Carol~

“The use of multi-voices was unique and leveled me!” ~Barb~

“At first I was confused by the multiple voices as I tried to listen to them all, as the analytical person I am! Once I allowed myself to just let go, I felt a most soothing feeling of calmness as I lost all track of time. When I heard the voice bringing me back to the present, I had no idea where my mind went in the interim. What I do know is that I felt relaxed and so rested when the session was over. Haven't felt that good in a long time. Let’s schedule a monthly “tune-up” with FourTuned™.” ~Rich~

"The voices of angels." ~Tom

Monday, August 3, 2009

FourTuned™ Is For Everyone

Seldom is presented a product that is truly new and innovative; this is one such instance. What makes "FourTuned™" so different is the quartet of soothing voices combined creating what amounts to a hypnotic symphony. The four voices ebb and flow seamlessly across the channels so the listener is virtually carried away on velvet voices to a state of relaxation seldom archived. This is simply a masterpiece of hypnotic recording on all levels. Thematically, the writing is superb, from the induction to suggestion, confusion techniques, metaphor, hanging loops, its all there, The performances are flawless and the mixing flows freely to achieve the maximum desired effect.

I have now listened to the recording many times and each time I have found something new like a prize at the bottom of the Crackerjack box. Each time I have emerged with a smile on my face and felt refreshed and renewed. This is what hypnosis recordings are supposed to be all about. Thank you for your effort it is an achievement to be very proud of.

Roch D. Preite BCH
Voted -Best Hypnotist on Long Island 2007- by the readers of the Long Island Press.